Welcome to my blog!

This blog has been in the pipeline of my thoughts for a long time now. Since this year one of my resolutions is to “stop thinking, start doing”, I figured it’s high time to stake another claim in cyberspace.

My blog will mainly revolve around 3 things:

  • spiritual musings – join me in my Christian walk as I ponder the mystery of God in the drudgery of worldly life
  • reviews – get my opinion on movies, concerts, shows, books, plays, etc
  • fairytales – insights into critiques of tales traditional, historical, postmodern, you name it

For other areas of my life, I have other internet homes to share these:

– Facebook (I don’t befriend strangers though so don’t expect me to add you if I don’t know you in real life)
– Instagram
– LinkedIn
– Youtube
– Flickr
– LiveJournal
– deviantArt

I am some variation of “chizzie” on all of them.

Xanga used to be my main blogging platform, but alas! Those days are but distant memories now.

Anyway, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions with the internet here in future. Enjoy!


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